30 August 2011

Fall 2011 at Duke

This Fall I begin my second year in the MA Program in Religion at Duke University. I am taking Theorizing Religion with David Morgan, Greek Exegesis of Mark with Joel Marcus and sitting in on Bart Ehrman's Apostolic Fathers at UNC. This term has a bit of everything: an exploration into different ways of conceptualizing and thinking about the phenomenon of religion; a detailed reading of the Gospel of Mark; and gaining wide exposure to a rich collection of primary (and secondary) sources for the study of Christianity in the late first and early second centuries.

The Fall is also the semester for language work. In addition to the above, I am auditing Intro to Biblical Hebrew and German for Academic Reading so I can get those languages on par with my Greek.

Oh yeah, and all this while working here and there on my PhD applications.

I wish all my classmates and professors a happy, productive and successful start to the new school year. Let the fun begin!