15 January 2011

Newest Student Group on Campus

The day has finally arrived. After three months of waiting around in the shadows, Duke's Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC - pronounced "gypsy") announced the approval of a new student group for us religion geeks: The Society for the Study of Religion at Duke (SASRD). This group is particularly designed for the MA student of the Department of Religion to increase interaction between the first and second year MAs as well as provide logistical and -- hopefully -- some financial support for those of us who must pay out of pocket for tuition and still have to find ways to travel and participate in annual regional and national academic conferences. Future plans of the group are to host an end of term colloquium where certain students can present rough draft summaries of their term papers for feedback and to share their learning with fellow MAs, as well as hosting an informal Q&A with the next year's incoming students to help organize travel plans for the joint AAR and SBL conference in San Francisco in the fall. Any comments or suggestions for the group and its role in serving the students, the department and the university are welcome and appreciated.

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